Lexx quickly got up, almost knocking over his chair in the process.  Chel watched him go.  He was moving stiffly.  Something was bothering him, but now wasn’t the time to get him to tell her what it was.  Instead, she bowed her head and whispered a quick prayer for Lexx.  He needed all the help he could get, whether he believed in or not.


Several minutes later, Lexx trudged out across the sand to the meeting point.  It was on the beach again.  There were multiple points on the island that his opponents could pick for battle.  So far, they seemed to favor the open beach, which probably benefitted Lexx more than them.

Here we go again.  Lexx stared at the sandy stretch of beach before him. It was a calming sight.  He had chosen this island for a reason.  The untouched beaches and the nearby forest.  It was peaceful.  It was.  Now, it was going to end up with more blood spilt over the golden sand.  This time, I’m not getting off easy.