It was a good idea to do the text from the start of this chapter until I have more time to go back and catch up on the missed gap!  Note:  There are not any updates on Wednesdays this week or next.  It’s just how the pages ended up. 🙁  – Tiff, trying to get back on track.


Lexx stood in his patch of open field and tried to think of a way to bring more background to life.  If Keith could do it, so could he.  Maybe he just needed practice.  The grass stirred around him, swaying in a soothing motion.  It swished slowly, making a light noise as it did so.  Lexx sighed.  The reason why he was surrounded by this particular environment was simply because it was calming and completely within his control.

Then he heard a different noise that he wasn’t generating from his own thoughts.  There was something passing through the tall grass and coming toward him.  It shuffled and caused the taller blades to sway and then part as a creature twice as tall as Lexx strode into the clearing.  It was clearly based on a sallomandyr species like Epsy and Zeta.

Wavechaser stopped in front of Lexx and lifted its head to regard him.  Lexx’s golden tone atmosphere played over its skin, making it golden as well.  It was striped and had frills drifting off its body in various places.  A long finned tail sweeped slowly behind it, twitching from one side to the other in curiosity.