‘Fascinating,…’  Riley observed while popping a piece of popcorn into his mouth.  There was some strange background imagery in Chel’s mind, this tasty food in red and white buckets.  ‘I’ve heard of shared dreaming over relays,… but I have never seen it.  Very few have witnessed something like this.  They’re closer than they think.  Lexx is on the Rift,.. Chel is asleep on Earth.  Neither of them realize what’s really gong on.’  The Littan drifted just outside of detection.  He did not want them to know.  ‘Neither of them realize what’s really going on.’

Chel was fighting with Trasik, who was now wielding a nasty looking curved sword.  It was bigger and tougher than Chel’s slender blade, and several times Chel was almost struck by it.  She wasn’t bad.  Riley had not expected her to be able to fight like that.  He skimmed a little, seeking an answer by riding over Lexx’s relay signal.  She knew quite a bit, wasn’t incredibly good at it, but knew enough.

In the dream state, everything moved differently, faster, blurring with motion and intensity.  Riley looked at Lexx.  He was just sitting there, held fast by his own despair and unwillingness to do anything.  ‘Lexx is showing Chel his nightmares,…’  Riley did not like what he was seeing.  ‘And she’s the one battling them,… not him.’  He sighed. He was depending on her too much.  That was something that Lexx really needed to stop doing.