The land whale suddenly emitted a burst of bubbles and lifted its head above the water.  Slowly, it rose up out of the shallows.  There was no need to hurry.  This was almost over and the dice was enjoying it.

Lexx was forced to flap his wings, a movement that sent minor pain through back after so long in a relaxed position.  It flared his senses back into alertness.  Here it was.  This was the attack.  This entire waiting game had been a ploy to take him off guard and take him down in the last few moments of the match.

The land whale inhaled, then tilted its head forward, sending a blast of spray from the blow hole in the back of its head toward Lexx.  Startled, Lexx folded his wings and dropped out of the way of the arc of water so that it passed harmlessly overhead.

Completely harmless.

Lexx blinked, realizing it was nothing but water as droplets hit his face.  No acid.  No poison.  It was just salty sea water.  The match was over and it completely confused Lexx.  Lexx folded his wings and descended back to the sand.  Time was being declared and his first match was over.