Lexx and Chel returned to the beach half an hour later, to find Damian and Kade speaking to Victor, Mel, and Chill. Riley was nearby in the shallows playing with Maenae. Chel grimaced, seeing her parents waiting for her. She wasn’t sure what to expect with both of them there.
Lexx kept walking, so Chel kept walking. He didn’t seem concerned or bothered by what was going on, mentally whispering things to Chel across the relay. Lexx wasn’t thinking about anything but Chel for the moment.
That was, until Maenae noticed he was on the beach. The little alien girl darted out of Riley’s grasp and onto the beach, her arms raised as she ran to him “Daddy!”
“Maenae!” Lexx’s mood abruptly shifted from affectionate to worried. What was she doing here?
She shouldn’t be here. Lexx knelt to meet Maenae and pick her up.