This was a rough week.  School started and at the moment I’m picking up and dropping off Kim. :/  Had her cardiology visit, and other random errands.

And, I’m getting that puppy in the picture this weekend. 😀  His name is Bixby.  Yes, he’s another Australian Shepherd to go with Quinn, only this one is mine so I’m free to bond with him and spoil him like crazy and not have to keep a distance from him.

Part of why the update didn’t happen this week (although I am shading it right now to update next week) is that to get him, I ended up doing art commissions for his owner. 😀  Both pictures of his parents and my first real pet portraits.  Otherwise, I would not have been able to get him.

I’m already feeling less depressed, just knowing that I’m getting him.  Of course, he is still a puppy so he’s going to take up a bit more time than normal while I work on his potty training. 😀  Hopefully he’s like Quinn and gets it down FAST.

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