It didn’t take long before Dig couldn’t take it anymore. He burrowed up so quickly that he broke the surface of the ground and jumped above the grass level to gasp for breathable air. There was no going back down. The ground was too saturated with noxious fumes. He’d have to get further away to get back underground and judging by the cat coming at him, he wasn’t going to get far if he didn’t do something drastic.

Dig darted over the grass, moving a lot quicker than one would think such a creature could move. The oversized claws on his front and hind legs did little to hamper him. His legs were a little bit longer than a normal armadillos, giving him more maneuverability. He bounced as he ran, hopping for more speed and aware the cat was closing in. Maybe he could throw her off, somehow.

He did the only thing he could think of, a tree getting in the way of his escape path. With one hefty kick of his hind legs, he thrust his round body at the trunk and clawed at the bark, trying to get a good hold. Claws meant for digging didn’t work well for climbing. He made a mental note as bark flew into the air and he started to slide down. “Drat!! Up the tree!! Up the treeee! They make it look so easy!!” Glancing back over an armored shoulder, he saw Stealth leap through the tall grass.

“I got him this time! I got him!” She growled enthusiastically. “No way he’s getting up that tree!”