Chel sat back down on the floor across from the couch. Her intention was to avoid bothering Lexx. It surprised her when Lexx sat down next to her.

“Kipa, sia min!” Lexx snapped abruptly, making Chel jump and look at him oddly. ‘What was that for?’

The plate wiggled slightly, drawing Chel’s attention back to it. She almost dropped the plate. Balanced neatly on the top edge of the plate was a tiny creature that looked suspiciously like a Littan. A female one with golden hair and dressed in an overly cute blue and purple outfit.

The little littan’s eyes flickered eerily as it spoke, staring directly at Chel. “Jish kai?” It chirped. Then, it sat down on the rim of the plate and playfully kicked her feet out while teetering back and forth dangerously.

“That is so cute!!” Chel gasped, realizing that it wasn’t really a person, just some sort of,… doll?

“That’s your main peripheral, Kipa.” Lexx explained.

Chel grinned at Kipa. It was disturbingly adorable and if she understood what Lexx meant, then this was part of the bookplate. She didn’t remember any of the other plates Lexx had, having any little aliens in them. Why this one? And why was it so,… cute. It wasn’t at all what she would expect Lexx to use or even have. She resisted the urge to give him a questioning look.

“Kipa, voice identify, Shira Lexx. Reset book, new owner, Chel.” Lexx leaned toward Kipa.

“Chelsea Reid.” Chel blurted quickly, wanting it to know her full name for some odd reason. She hadn’t even given her full name to Lexx.

“Chelsea Reid.” Lexx grinned. “Language setting to galactic standard, terra dialect. Talk to it, Chel. Best way to learn how to use these is through,.. using them.” He was pleased to see Chel smiling and so amused by Kipa.