The dark sky was repeatedly lit up by streaks of lightening. Chel glanced up nervously then at the forms of Trasik and Lexx walking away from them out onto the beach. Torches had been placed randomly on the beach for light ahead of them. The oncoming storm’s winds threatened to blow them out, but whatever technology that lit them kept them flaring brilliantly.

“Riley, can’t you do something to stop this??” Chel squeaked to Riley. They were standing a good distance away and only a short run to shelter in case it rained. Half a dozen party guests were watching on the beach with them, along with a very fretful Claudia and Damian.

“Lexx has not lost to her yet, Chel. He won’t lose this time either.” Riley offered supportive words.

Down on the beach, Lexx hopped onto a rock. Trasik went to a rock further down the beach. Both of them had taken a few moments to get out of their formal attire and put on something more fitting for the event.

Lexx glared at Trasik’s back, wishing that she had not changed her clothes. It would have been very gratifying to have accidently hit her beautiful and most likely expensive dress with wet sand.

Trasik gracefully stepped onto a rock and turned, slipping her hands into her crimson coat. “Enjoy your last view of freedom, Lexx.”

“Shut up and get on with it.” Lexx clenched his fits tightly. The feeling in his stomach was not settling. It had been awhile since he had last done this and he was not looking forward to it.