“Ohh, but we’re going to be sharing the planet! I Just started my game!” Claudia rattled on cheerfully. “Earth doesn’t get a lot of play, should be entertaining!”

“I know,…” Lexx groaned in disgust, “That’s why I chose it!”

“Fantastic idea, Lexx, Dear!”

“Will you please get your hands off of me. Now.”

Chel watched Lexx manage to squirm out of Claudia’s grasp for a moment and quickly run to Chel’s side,… putting her between Claudia and himself. Claudia seemed amused instead of offended as Chel would have thought her to be.

Claudia smiled and then laughed at Lexx. “Embarrassed? You’re turning purple! Well, I have an excellent suggestion! Let’s go up to MY ship! Maybe you won’t be so shy indoors.” Claudia’s blue-green eyes glimmered unnaturally and Chel could swear that they changed color momentarily to dark green. She looked at Lexx, who looked like a person about to have a panic attack. His eyes were wide, brow furrowed in frustration and he almost seemed to be cowering behind her.

“No! It’s not what you think!” Lexx leaned closer to Chel, whispering in a frantic tone, “Don’t leave me alone with her, Chel!!!”

Chel couldn’t help but find that amusing. Lexx’s entire demeanor had changed to another side she hadn’t seen. His face was flushed violet and when he spoke, it was in a whining tone, instead of the calm low voice he ordinarily used. He was truly disturbed and afraid of Claudia. Chel briefly considered listening to the mischievous voice in the back of her head, noting that Lexx needed her and now, she could be just as mean to him as he had been to her. He didn’t really deserve her help? Did he?

“She seems to really like you, Lexx.” Chel whispered back, staring up at the sky in a distracted manner. “I really shouldn’t stand in the way.” It came out more teasing than she’d intended and apparently Lexx didn’t get that she was kidding with him.

“Please… please…” He squeaked.