“I feel kinda bad leaving Lexx alone with Claudia.” Chel admitted to Stealth.

“Chel, don’t worry about Lexx,” Stealth purred without any note of concern, “He can take care of himself.”

Lexx backed slowly away from Claudia, not about to head in the direction of her room. He’d barely managed to slip out of her grasp. Lexx waved one hand in front of him, getting little solace in its ability to stave off any of Claudia’s advances. “Lexx Dear!” Claudia grinned innocently, hands behind her back. “Why are you so resistant! I have good things planned for us!” Her eyes almost seemed to glimmer in a way that added to Lexx’s nervousness… if that were possible. “You’ll enjoy it!”

“Nu-uh!! Stay away from me, Claudia!” Lexx’s voice was edged with a whine. While he really couldn’t stand her touching him, she, like Damian were not aliens to offend. Unfortunately, Lexx wasn’t very good at walking the thin line between not upsetting them and keeping his sanity. They had helped him before and he owed them, but he was not about to fall to Claudia’s seduction.

Claudia tended to swing from player to player as they interested her. She had a reputation for chasing other players and that was her favorite past time, after playing the game of Alien Dice itself. Not that she had ever succeeded in catching any of the other players. Most of the rumors were that she was a flirt and that was it, but her actions now were the most excessive flirting Lexx had ever seen.

Sure, Lexx had females in the ADC Academy flirting with him, and even now and then they would recognize him in the away stations and try to get him to go with them, but he had little interest in them. He had too much to think about without carelessly sleeping around with numerous females. Lexx was aware that many of those like himself, seeing no future did so as much as they could, but for him, there was no lure in a few minutes of pleasure only to have to leave and go back to his ship alone. In a way, that had added to his aversion to even be touched.

Convince yourself you don’t need it. Convince yourself that it’s nothing but trouble and unnecessary. Convince yourself that even a step in that direction will come around and destroy you and you can set it into your mind akin to the reaction of putting your hand into fire.

Unfortunately, Claudia didn’t think like that. She lunged at Lexx, playfully wrapping her arms around him while Lexx flailed helplessly, “Oh, my one and only true love! Your attempts at evading me make this so much more thrilling! I so love to hunt! The allure of the chase,.. and the sweet prize at the end!”

“Auuughhh!! Stop it!” Lexx yelled, fighting against Claudia. She had clearly only let him go earlier to toy with him, now, it was like struggling against iron bands. “Leave me alone! Don’t touch me!”