Claudia and Lexx crashed to the floor. For the briefest of moments, Lexx thought he might actually be able to get away, but he was mistaken. Claudia pinned him easily and prevented him from getting to his feet, or even off his back. He would need to change his tactics if he was going to get out of this. Fighting her physically just wouldn’t work.

“Erm,.. ahhhh,.. Claudia!” Lexx looked around, hoping someone would walk into the hall. “Someone’s going to see us! Get off of me!”

“Oh!” Claudia giggled, snuggling right up to Lexx in a way that made him shiver and at the same time, burn with embarrassment. Why did she have to do that? “I told the ship staff to go busy themselves on the other decks!”

Lexx searched frantically for a good excuse to get Claudia to stop, “But,.. Chel might come back here!”

“Oh, she won’t for awhile. It’s a big ship, remember!” Claudia pointed out.