“Nice way to welcome family, Lexx.” The Rishan folded her arms behind her and stared at Lexx. She was not impressed with how he was acting, but hadn’t really expected anything less. She didn’t really know anything about him. A few posters in passing, but other than that, she didn’t know him. He had wings? That,.. was interesting.

“I don’t have a family!” Lexx yelled at her. He was doing nothing to restrain his anger, letting it all fall in her direction. How dare she come in here and say something like that. “They’re all dead! I don’t know what you’re try-“

The Rishan lifted her left hand to use a small holographic projector. “I was just as surprised as you.” A golden light spread out in between them, letters and images flickering. “This was sent to me a few days ago with a premium pass tile. See for yourself, Lexx.” She continued speaking quickly, but validating her claim captivated Lexx’s attention. “There was also a ship tile… I’ve never had my own ship before, at least not a new one and another note that I should seek you out. I could’ve taken the ship and run,.. but when you’re done reading this,.. you’ll understand why I didn’t.”