Claudia frowned watching them leave. She wasn’t stupid. The reaction was very convincing, but earlier on the planet she knew that Chel had said they were just friends. There was something else going on here, but Claudia would look into that when she could get Lexx completely alone and away from Chel or vice versa. For now, she just let them leave. Perhaps time would play out exactly what was going on.

Chel was completely silent once they appeared in the living area of the Rift. She immediately walked to the couch and sat, folding her arms and glaring at Lexx. His cheek stung where Chel had hit him. He hadn’t expected her to hit him and especially not that hard. She was much stronger than she appeared.

Lexx didn’t say anything. He went down to the storage room for a cold pack and returned with it held to his cheek. He was bruised and it still hurt. The nanites were taking their time since they knew he wasn’t in any danger and it wasn’t serious. They had their way of deciding which wounds needed to be healed quickly and which didn’t. This kept his body from being overworked when there was time for it to heal naturally.

‘That went well,… but at least I’m free of Claudia!” Lexx sat on the far side of the couch, leaning his right arm against the rest and pressing the cold pack on the bruise. ‘It was well worth the pain,… definitely.’ He glanced at Chel. She was sitting at a slight angle, her back toward him and obviously still mad. Lexx sighed. “Chel, I’m sorry I kissed you, but I did not have a choice.” He shifted uncomfortably as he apologized, “She wasn’t going to leave me alone.”

“I don’t care!” Chel was quick in responding, glaring at the wall. “You kissed me in front of her without my permission! I am so embarrassed!” This wasn’t going to be easy. Lexx turned his head a bit more to look at Chel, searching for the right thing to say. Her crossed arms and body posture were a good indication that she was closed off to him. For a brief moment, Lexx was amused. Hadn’t it been he who was in a similar mood when she’s first come here.