Zeta hopped up onto the couch and nudged Chel’s arms. Reluctantly, she leaned back and let him lay his head on her legs. Zeta was trying to help in the only way he knew how. He didn’t want to see Lexx and Chel fighting.

“If I had asked, it wouldn’t have looked like we were married.” Lexx stated.

“But we’re not!” Chel snapped.

“Well, yes, we’re not, but at least Claudia thinks we are.” Lexx pointed out.

“Whatever!” That didn’t help. Chel was mad at Lexx using her in his lie, even if he didn’t realize it. “I don’t want anyone thinking I’m married to you!” She added venomously.

For some reason, that hit Lexx in an odd way. He opened his mouth to say something closed it and thought about it. Saying ‘What would be wrong with that?’ would not be a good trail to start down. Instead, he decided to change the subject, “You’re mad at me?”

Chel scowled at Lexx’s statement of the obvious. “You can’t tell?!”