A thought wandered into Chel’s mind. “What about the vapors, Lexx? What happens to them when the sun,… dies?” She turned to him, having completely forgotten how angry she was. The Vapors had completely wiped that memory away. Now she wanted to know,… when that sun was gone, would they be gone as well?

Lexx turned the ship. They were getting a little too close and the indicators were starting to flicker from the atmosphere’s presence. “Most of them will leave, but some will stay to be reborn in the Nova. This form of Vapor is a child form. They only mature when they come into contact with the energy a nova gives off.” Lexx kept his voice even, not wanting to alarm Chel. While they got the best view from this angle and location, they were also in danger of a Vapor attacking the ship.

Vapors are curious creatures and their curiosity could cause serious damage if they touched the ship. They were circling now. “Unlike us. They don’t really need light from a sun for anything more than once in a lifetime. The falls will move further out into space.”

“You won’t see an adult, but there’s at least one in there.” Lexx commented, hearing the slight echo of Chel wondering if she could see what one looked like. She was straining her neck trying to see around the ‘corner’ of the view screen. “They don’t like being seen and we don’t know much about them.”