“This is so different from the Aidaron Falls station!” Chel stared out the transparent wall to her right. Ships coming in to dock arced gracefully against the stars. To her left, there were shops. Hundreds of them lined up in little cubicles. Lexx smiled beside her, pleased with her reaction.

Stealth and Zeta tagged along behind, keeping close on Chel and Lexx’s heels. It wasn’t very crowded, but Lexx had already snapped at them for straying.

“That’s because this is a commercial station, not an away point.” Lexx explained, taking a moment to straighten the uncomfortable cloth around his neck and shoulders. He really wanted to get something on that would cover his body. It was one thing to be on his ship without a shirt, a completely different to be walking around in public. “It’s also run by a different race, the Xeep Ina. Anything one could want can be found here,.. including new shirts and a coat for me.”

Chel nodded, her attention suddenly caught by the glimmer of jewelry in one of the shop windows. “I wish I could get something.” She muttered, more to herself than Lexx.

Lexx glanced in her direction to see what she was looking at and took note of it. ‘Maybe…’ He considered. Something small like that wouldn’t be a problem. But it was too simple. Surely she had jewelry on Earth. That was a very common adornment. Suddenly, he wanted to get Chel something. The bookplate had brought a smile to her face. He wondered what else could do that.