12 hours after Chel’s abduction and Damian’s ship had passed through one gate. Victor had watched with great interest as they passed half a dozen other starships of various designs stationed around a small space station which was little more than a metal framework that served to service the various ships docked there.
Keith had excused himself shortly after they passed through the gate and gone to bed. Vic had tried to go to do the same, but his mind was too full to allow himself to rest. Knowing he would just roll around restlessly anyway, he had left his room and was now standing in the hallway staring out of the of the huge forward facing windows.
Can’t sleep. Vic looked out at the stars, wondering which one they were going to find Chel on. They can assure me all they want that Chel won’t be harmed. I can only think of all the interviews I’ve done with alien abductees.
There had been many such interviews and none of them were pleasant. Most were the standard kind of stories that one would find on the internet or just about any UFO investigations program. But there were a few that stuck out in his mind that went far beyond those in severity. These were the stories that worried him in concerns to his daughter.
“Easy … easy … watch his wings.” Vic’s thoughts were interrupted by a whirring sound that he remembered was a nearby elevator and Riley’s voice echoing down the hall.