Down in the arena, Lexx looked for a way out. There was no way he was going to make it to the exit before the crowd got to him. ‘Great, not again. I hate arenas!!’ Lexx thought. This only happened in arenas. “Let me through!” He yelled futiley as they swept down and lifted him off his feet.

“Come on,… put me down!” Lexx didn’t struggle much. His sides hurt enough by being picked up and jostled around without him adding to it and being dropped.

Trasik scowled from the sidelines, walking up the stairs and into the stands to where Riley, Chel, Zeta and Stealth were sitting. The two dice growled at her and quickly scooted around behind Chel’s legs. She glanced down at them, then up.

“Well, that was a disappointment.” Trasik muttered to Riley.

“Better luck next time?” He didn’t seem bothered at all by her presence. Chel on the other hand, was. She stared, wondering why the two were talking and what Trasik might do to her. What if Riley just told her he was Lexx’s friend so he could turn her over to Trasik. They did have a slight resemblance and Chel figured they were both of the same race.