“You’re overreacting.” Riley smiled. “I am simply keeping you out of trouble until Lexx gets back.” Then, he leaned his chin on her shoulder, his voice dropping to a whisper. “Don’t make me bite you. It would probably hurt.” And then, he opened his mouth.

Chel blinked at the sight of inch long fangs extruding vampire-like from Riley’s upper jaw. Behind them was a second set of shorter fangs. Yes. That would hurt. For a moment, she thought he was going to bite her neck, but instead, he pulled back, satisfied that he had gotten his point across.

“I don’t like you holding onto me…” Chel glanced at Riley reproachfully. He still had a hand on her shoulder. “Let go,.. I won’t run unless Zeta and Stealth do,.. I’m not stupid.”

“That’s better.” Riley moved his hand and nodded. “I wouldn’t want to scar your pretty neck.”