“If you don’t mind, Riley.” Lexx pulled his robe over his shoulders, “I need to return to my ship. We’ll talk another time.”

“I understand.” Riley smirked, then motioned to Chel. “Can I borrow your human? She’s cute. Might get me this beautiful Littan girl I saw earlier.”

‘You’re really pushing it, Riley.’ Lexx faded out of his relay, giving Riley the hint that he should probably go as well. “She’s not mine, Riley.”

“I am not HIS.” Chel fumed. “And I’m not going to be used to help you pick up chicks!” She stepped up to Riley, who had briefly interfered with her thoughts again, playing to see what she’d do next.

“Chicks? What’re chicks? I want girls!” Riley exclaimed earnestly, “You’re even cuter when you do that!”