Lexx was barely quick enough to stop Chel as she lunged at Riley. It really caught him off guard. The last thing he expected was that she would actually attack Riley. Lexx’s hand closed around the base of Chel’s braid. Riley stood there calmly, grinning. He had always been like this as long as Lexx had known him. Lexx envied Riley’s calmness and ability to never be taken off guard.

“Deuce, you really bring out the best in women, Riley.” Lexx shook his head, still marveling at Chel’s odd change in personality.

“I can’t figure out why! I was complimenting!” Riley chuckled. “I’ll be on my way now, since you have your hands full, Lexx.” He turned to leave, hands resting in the pockets of his overcoat and a chuckle following him.

“Interesting…” Lexx commented as he and Chel were left alone. He let go of her and she wouldn’t even look at him. She was embarrassed and couldn’t understand why she’d been acting that. “Why did you choose Riley to vent your frustrations on when I’ve been far worse to you, Chel?”

“You were hurt and he’s a jerk!” sniffed Chel.

“Damian and Claudi-” Lexx started to point out how those two had annoyed her.

“Lexx,.. drop it.” Chel snapped, cutting the conversation short.