“Riley, you must find out what their relationship is so we can keep Lexx focused on winning,.. no matter what.” Zaile had a one track mind when it came to this particular mission. Lexx had to win.

“Zaile,…” Riley strode next to him, voicing his concerns, “I don’t like the idea of manipulating Lexx. He is my friend. Is there another way?”

“We cannot distract him from his goal by throwing in trivial information.” Zaile replied, facing forward. “The simpler things are for him,…. the better.”

“Have you managed to locate your sister, Zaile?” Riley decided to change the topic to the underlying reason for all of this. Zaile’s sister. From what Riley had been told, the entire reason for getting Lexx to win, was part of a more detailed plan to locate and rescue Zaile’s sister. Somewhere, … she was being held a captive by the ADC. He had only recently discovered he had a younger sister.

“No.” Zaile responded flatly, not really wanting to speak further on it.