He didn’t have to wait too long. The lights went out after half an hour. He waited longer. Zeta shivered pitifully next to him the entire time as they had both tried to seek shelter in the bushes near the home. They could watch from here and make sure the cat didn’t get out and sneak past them.

It was a cold and miserable wait. Zeta shook so hard from the cold his teeth were chattering and that annoyed Lexx. It mainly annoyed him because of how hard he was trying NOT to shiver or let the cold get to him. Zeta wasn’t helping.

“We’ll be back in the ship within the hour, Zeta, now stop that and relax.” Lexx scolded in a whisper.

“Zeta… really cold… make fire?” Zeta looked up hopefully, his blue eyes wide and pleading. It didn’t work. Lexx looked away, his gaze traveling to the still storm cloud laden sky.

“No, you cannot make a fire. We don’t want EVERYONE knowing we’re here, but I am about to go inside. I’ll need you to stay back here and wait again. Be ready to fight, just in case she doesn’t come willingly, then we’ll have to make a run for it if we fight.” Lexx pushed himself up, brushing bits of wet grass and leaves off his coat. He’d have to spend several hours cleaning it later.

The door was easy. It was a primitive design. A simple sliding bolt, a powerful magnetic pulse and the lock clicked. Someday, the humans would improve their security systems, Lexx thought, and then this would be a lot harder. Thankfully, it wasn’t someday yet. He slowly stepped through the door, careful in case it might squeak.

Then, he stood. The water might make his boots squeak, so it was best to let them dry a moment. He felt filthy, the water had soaked his coat, his shirt, his pants and his body from head to toe. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling, but it’d be over soon. Now, just to find the cat!

The house was a very simple design. One hallway lead off the entry room. The light was on and there was one door open. He couldn’t turn the light off, so he took a chance in walking down it anyway. There were photographs on the wall, several of them of the family that lived here.

Lexx paused to look at them. He thought it strange that they were out in the open for anyone to see. He’d never seen pictures on any other house’s inner walls. Such things were kept private. It was odd. Humans were,… odd. He then remembered his purpose of being here. NOT to stare at the photographs
of people he didn’t know, but to get that cat and get out.

The human had her back to him as he entered the room and he could hear her breathing was even. She was definitely sleeping, and he could also hear the cat, but where. He looked around the dark room a moment, scanning for the cat and then realized she was right out in the open,… in the girl’s arms.

This could be tricky.