Lexx glanced back at the human and only saw another pillow flying through the air.

“Geh, .. not again!” The second pillow took advantage of his already unsteady play for escape, nailing him on the head. What sort of strange weapons were these. They didn’t actually hurt, just made it hard for him to keep his balance. Then again, it might have just been that his shoes were still wet.

Lexx wound up face down on the floor, the cat landed next to him and hissed. This,.. cannot be happening! He thought to himself. The cat was loose and had taken up with the human. It was also taunting him.

“I don’t know who you are, but you’re really in trouble now,…” Chel tugged her comforter up around her shoulders and watched as the intruder grabbed the cat again. “And put that cat DOWN!!” She added, noting that he was trying to get away.

Forget the door. Just go out the window! Lexx hadn’t even gotten around to the other side of the bed, so he opted for the second choice. This might hurt, but anything to get out of here fast,.. and with the cat. “I just want my cat! Stop throwing things at me!” Lexx managed to get back to his feet and edged to the window with those words. The cat wasn’t cooperating. Terrified, it yowled and puffed up, her forepaws flailing in the air in desperation.