The police had said they were on their way. Chel had told them someone tried to break into her house and she’d shot them, leaving out the details that it was an alien and had some sort of weird creature with it. She knew they wouldn’t come if she’d told them that. There was no way she was going to risk sounding crazy. They’d just have to see him for themselves.

But, for now, she was trapped in the house, afraid to take her eyes off the alien in the backyard for fear he might vanish. So far, he hadn’t so much as moved from where he’d fallen, but the other creature was standing protectively by him.

“What is that thing?!” Chel looked out through her bedroom window, the cat sitting up on the sill next to her. The cat seemed quite interested in what was going on below the window. “Ohh,…” She couldn’t help but be a bit indecisive thinking over the events of the night. Chel sighed, staring at the cat, “He said he was after you and he didn’t hurt me,… but WHAT is with the talking lizard?!” She couldn’t get over the fact that it had really spoken to her. It wasn’t everyday that an overgrown lizard showed up with a blue skinned alien asking for a cat,…which probably did belong to them. She was having second thoughts.

A quick succession of knocks on the front door interrupted Chel’s musing. That would have to be the police. On the way through the house, grabbing a robe and quickly tying it over her nightshirt, Chel had changed her mind. She wasn’t going to turn him in.

There were two policemen at the door, well, one policeman and one woman. Both looked a bit tired, but alert, “Is this 1202 Raison Way?”

“Yes.” Chel swallowed hard. She had to think fast on exactly what to say to get rid of them, but it felt so awkward to lie to the police. This was also something that didn’t happen everyday, especially not in her life.

“We received a report of an intruder here, is everything alright, ma’am?” The policeman inquired politely, looking past her into the living room to make sure nobody else was present who might present a danger.

“I’m sorry, Officer, it turned out to be my cat.” Chel began, glancing down and noting that the cat was peeking around the door.

“And you shot at it?” The female cop blinked, staring at Chel. “I hope you don’t shoot at everything that goes bump in the night, that could be very dangerous.”

“Yes, I know,…” Chel stared down at her feet, not wanting to meet their eyes.

“You really should have made sure you really had an intruder before calling us. This could be considered a crank call, so in the future, make sure that what you’re shooting at and reporting is really human before dialing 911,” The female cop wasn’t too happy with being called out here and had to restrain herself from writing a citation right then and there. They’d never had a record of a call from here before though, and the girl seemed sincere in her mistake. “Just don’t do it again.”

“I won’t. Thank you.” Chel looked really embarrassed, but the policemen turned and left, considering this call exactly as it sounded,… nonexistent.