Zeta wasn’t going to leave his master, no matter what happened. That severely frightened him. He had never had to do anything without Lexx’s instruction, but what he lacked in bravery, he made up for in loyalty. The door opened and the girl stepped slowly through it. She’d changed into a yellow raincoat.

“You’re not going to attack me, are you?” Chel asked in a whisper before getting too close. Zeta thought about it a moment. She was afraid of him. He could smell it.

“YOU hurt Lexx, you BAD!! Deserve be attacked!” He hissed, whipping his short tail back and forth in an effort to make himself look angry and formidable. Nevermind he barely weighed 30 pounds. “Not hurt Lexx more, Zeta bite if you do, yes!” He continued, jaws open to show off the short, yet sharp rows of white teeth. The little lizard moved slowly around Lexx, but Chel didn’t run away.

Instead, she spoke slowly and lifted her arms up, “It was a mistake! See, no gun! I want to help now!”