Chel spent a good twenty minutes holding towels to Lexx’s side and arm until he stopped bleeding. There had been noticeable holes where the bullet had entered, exited and re-entered, but as Chel wiped away the remaining blood, she realized they were gone. The skin looked bruised and a little scarred, but there was no more bleeding and no other marks. She just looked at Lexx, noting that he had more scars over his chest and shoulders, some of which looked as though they’d been deep and just healed. No-one had stitched them. That didn’t quite make sense. Surely, if you were an advanced enough race to make it to Earth, you had to have some sort of fancy medical device to take care of wounds so they wouldn’t leave marks, or so, that’s how Chel’s thoughts went.

She turned to Zeta who had been watching intently, “The bleeding stopped and there’s not any sign I shot him? What’s up with that?!” Chel inquired, unable to mask her surprise.

“Nanites finish fixing him and then you be sorry!” Zeta growled in response. Probably not the smartest thing to do. Chel had already decided he wasn’t very threatening.

“Will you just shut up and answer my question!!” Chel yelled at him. He’d been talking pretty much the only time, calling her a bad human and pulling a little bit of attitude on her with how Lexx was going to make her ‘sorry’. All this after she’d been trying to help him. She immediately regretted yelling at Zeta as he cowered, twitching his tail between his legs and putting his short forelegs over his head a noticeable shudder passing through his body at the raised voice.

“Little things, make Lexx all better from inside, that all!!” Zeta whimpered. “No yell at Zeta, Zeta just want Lexx better and awake.”

“Ugh,… I’m awake,… no need to yell,… I,…” Lexx stirred, blinking a few times and groaning with the effort to shake the groggy sensation that clouded his mind. His vision blurred a moment as he spoke, thinking he was somewhere else until the now familiar face of the human was clear. He sat up so hard a jolt of pain shot through his ribs, raising his voice to a cracking squeak of shock. “Don’t hurt me!! I just want the cat, NOT YOU!!” The wounds may have outwardly healed, but the bullet was still wedged against his ribs, grating and burning with his movements, but he had to get the statement out. Maybe she thought he wanted to abduct her. Maybe that’s why she shot him.

Lexx wasn’t taking chances.