“I’ll take her now, if you don’t mind.” Lexx kept his tone even, despite the looks the cat was giving him. She hissed and growled loudly in response.

“Nu-uh! I want answers first!” Chel snapped, feeling that she probably had the upper hand at the moment. She was getting less and less afraid, since Lexx was speaking and not acting. He wanted the cat and she had the cat and she wanted to know why.

“I can’t,…” Lexx didn’t take his eyes off the cat.

“No cat,… and I do still have my gun!” Chel thought she’d try a slight bluff, since the gun was back in its case in her parent’s room. Maybe just the threat was enough to get answers.

It didn’t work. Lexx’s patience wasn’t at its best. He was faced with a stupid human who thought she could threaten him with a gun he didn’t even see. If she only knew, only, he didn’t want to hurt her. It just wasn’t his way of doing things if he could avoid it. He’d never been in a situation like this, so he broke down to his second recourse, he yelled, “She’s MINE! She belongs to me! She’s part of my game and I can’t complete it without her!” As he spoke, he jerked upward, trying to sit up.

The strain was immediately noticeable. The nanites might have allowed him to regain consciousness, but they apparently weren’t done and a sharp almost icy pain rippled along Lexx’s ribs. His breath quickened for a moment into a sharp gasp and he felt himself slipping again. Again! Maybe he really should get more sleep so things like this wouldn’t happen. “Uhn,…” Lexx’s effort to remain conscious failed.

“Bad Human!” Zeta immediately turned and growled at Chel, who was still sitting there, just watching in surprise. “See what you do to Lexx! He not heal full!”