Chel glanced down at Zeta. He was looking up at her, tail swishing back and forth slowly in an intent fashion. Chel hoped that he wouldn’t mind eating canned cat food, since that’s all she had. “I hope you like fish.” She knelt down to scoop the fishy smelling brown mush into a bowl.

“Zeta like fish fine!” Zeta didn’t wait for her to empty the can to take a bite, just like any other impatient animal. He eagerly took a mouthful and then a second, barely bothering to chew and instead gulping. Chel stared at him. He looked like a little red and gold dinosaur and moved very quickly, in a jerky fashion, more like a bird than a lizard.

“What are you anyway?” Chel inquired, hands resting on her hips.

“Zeta, Zeta!” He didn’t even pause in his eating, sending little particles of cat food out onto the floor as he glanced at Chel, then went back to eating as though the answer was obvious and complete.

“I gathered,.. are you really an alien?” That question caught Zeta’s attention more so.

He turned a bit more, looking at Chel and making a chuffing noise, “NO! You the Alien!” He almost seemed to grin, correcting the human on exactly who was the alien here.

“I am not! I LIVE here!” Chel commented back to him, using a voice one would use when trying to make a child understand a concept.

Zeta paused in his eating long enough to shake his head no in an exaggerated fashion, “You still alien to us! Bad Alien too!” He emphasized, rolling his blue eyes.