Lexx sighed in his sleep, unheard by the two as they left the room. If there’s one thing that Lexx hated, it was dreaming. This was one of the reasons he kept himself awake so long, to avoid it. Dreaming was a horrible ordeal for him, because he did not dream like humans dream.

Everything was far more vivid and things came to him in his dreams. In a time when most beings minds relaxed and turned to wafting vapors of distorted reality, his were always vividly real. Shadowed threats and veiled dangers touched at his mind, creeping in amongst his thoughts and tearing them down to scattered images. There was always someone there, with this message or that one, this challenge and that battle demanding his attention. In the dark forests of his mind, there was not an available refuge. Dreams were no escape from reality, they were just an extension of it and one that he didn’t enjoy facing. Lexx hated dreaming.

His face contorted slightly and eyes squeezed shut as images fled past his minds eye, the moment between sleep and consciousness. “Uhn,… I hate dreaming,…” He thought the moment he broke free. “Geh,… still here,…” For the briefest of moments, he’d considered his current ordeal just another part of the dreams, but as he sat upright, the foreign room was more than an illusion.

Lexx shifted back slightly, resting against the pillow to gather his thoughts. He didn’t hurt anymore, so the wounds should have been completely healed, although he was still a little tender. Slowly he examined the room. “Hmmm,.. Where’s Zeta and that human girl.” He noted that the two of them were gone and the lights were dimmed. He also became aware of a bit too much breeze. It was a little cold in here, odd.

Then, he realized why. He had been too shocked and upset to notice it earlier, but now he did. Every bit of his clothing had been removed while he was sleeping. Lexx jerked up the blanket in a panic, fearing the worst. At least she’d left something on, but still. “WHERE are my CLOTHES?!” He yelled, hoping to alert the girl, wherever she was, that he was awake and very irate.