Several balls of fire soared through the air, trailing black smoke and golden orange sparks. The gleam of crimson didn’t go unnoticed. From the depths of the surrounding ice choked sea, the reflection caught the attention of the dice they were after. She turned a curious eye upward, blinked and then growling arced upward to the surface.

Zeta coughed and rubbed his jaw, tongue sticking out. Fireballs were a bit difficult for him to produce and he didn’t like doing so many at one time. “Enough? Zeta burn tongue!”

“You’re hopeless.” Lexx sighed; busy trying to keep his hair out of his eyes and wishing he’d had enough foresight to tie it back before they’d come out here. “See anything, Chel?”

“Nothing.” Chel turned to Lexx, her cheeks pink from the chill. “Just ice,… and more ice, Lexx.”

Lexx nodded and shook his head. “Sooner we find her the better. I’ve had enough ice.” Lexx grumbled, almost slipping as he spoke. He didn’t have the best balance on slippery surfaces and wasn’t used to walking on ice and snow.