Zeta dipped his head down to bite at the snow, trying to cool his tongue. He chomped down on a big mouthful and wrinkled his muzzle, having gotten a bit too much and now dealing with a burning tingling streak down the middle of his tongue mixed with the cool biting sensation of ice freezing the back of his mouth and throat.

“Zeta!!!” A shrill, high pitched screech brought Zeta’s head up so fast that he chomped down on his tongue and felt the salty taste of blood mingling warmly with the snow in his mouth.

“Utoh!” Zeta breathed in sharply, choking himself. “Zeta know.. forgets something!” He coughed, lowering his head and making himself and unwitting target.

“Deuce.” Lexx noted the black and white blur darting across the top of the snow. “There she is.” He rubbed the back of his head as the creature ran by him without acknowledging he or Chel was standing there.

“Zeta!” The dice lunged at Zeta, who was still trying to breathe and knocked him flat into a snowdrift.

“Help! Help!” Zeta gagged, kicking and thrashing about wildly to ward off the other sallomandyr.