Finally. There was just the quiet hum of the ship engines and peace for Lexx. He was busy going over his notes on the next set of dice. They would be trickier than the first set and he had to refresh his memory. Epsy had been checked in, fed and now everyone on the ship, Chel and the dice, were down in the biosphere. Lexx had excused himself saying he had work to do.

Stealthy quietly padded in from the lift and sat on the other side of the table, staring at Lexx. He didn’t notice her at first, then ignored her when he did. She stared as cats do, making Lexx uncomfortable.

“Do you mind, Stealth?” Lexx grumbled, trying to hold the papers in his hands up so he wouldn’t have to stare into the cat’s almost neon golden-green eyes. Stealth continued giving him that look. The look only a cat can give. “I’m trying to work out strategy for the next set,.. stop staring at me.”

She was quiet for a few more minutes, just to stare. “Always strategy.”

“You know it’s important.” Lexx still didn’t look up.

“You’ll have to redo it later,” Stealth jumped onto the table in the middle of Lexx’s papers. “So why not use your time more wisely?” Lexx looked up at that, questioning.