Swallowing her fear, Chel reached out with one hand to grab onto Lexx’s sash and walk into the light.

Lexx emerged from the transporter onto his ship without a problem, the girl immediately behind him. It was just like walking through a door, although the other side wasn’t nearly as big as the kitchen they’d been standing in. Chel looked up and around, noting the low ceiling and simple design of the room. It was curved, almost like they were in a walkway.

For a moment, Chel was perplexed. The first thing she got a good look at was the other wall, which was metal halfway up and some sort of window the rest of the way up. She could see water and in the middle of it, a platform with a few bushes and short, strange looking alien trees that instead of green, were red and blue. There was nothing in the water,… and nothing moving inside. “Wow, I’m really on a spaceship?” She couldn’t believe it, since it wasn’t what she expected.

“Yes. This is my ship, the Rift. I live here.” Lexx responded, noting her staring at the biosphere. “That’s the biosphere. It’s where I keep the dice so they stay out of trouble,…” He could feel her hand resting against his back, making him a bit uncomfortable. “Would you mind removing your hand from my back?” He murmered.

“Oh,…” Chel hadn’t realized it had been there, but immediately removed it. “I’m sorry,…”