July 02, 2001

Stealth lead Chel to a room that was obviously a bedroom. There were four bunks fit directly into the walls. The two lowest were actually beds, but only one was made up for sleeping with meticulous care. Judging by the oval shape in the center, Zeta probably used it more than Lexx did. The two highest bunks had been converted to bookshelves of a type. The books were unlike any that Chel had ever seen. They were of all different shapes and sizes and a few that were facing out had covers that seemed to shift and change as she looked at them. To one side, there was a pair of dressers and a shallow closet. On another was a desk with several items on it. One of which, was a flat blue plate with black buttons and a black screen which for some reason, made Chel think of an Etch-a-sketch. Stealth hopped up onto the desk and swishing her twin tails in unison, strode to the plate and sat down, deliberately pressing one of the buttons. Chel sat down in a chair on the other side of the desk, leaning forward to watch as the air shimmered and an image appeared of a pair of beings, much like Lexx. His mother and father, the mother holding a screaming baby that Chel concluded had to be Lexx. She smirked a bit. "Lexx is almost twenty-two years old by your time, Chel." Stealth began, adjusting the image so that it came through more clearly, although the distortion was still there, wavering and fragmenting near the edges of the picture. "He grew up on a space station called Risha 1. His father was second in command. His name was Shira Taumas. Among the Risha, the first name is a family name. His mother's name was Lessa." The images went by, each showing Lexx a bit older, some of him alone, some of him with his mother and father in very alien looking surroundings. Soon, Chel noticed a pattern. First, Lexx's father stopped showing up in the photographs and it was just him and his mother. It was interesting to compare the two, Lexx had more of her features only she had white hair with a slight bluish sheen to it. Stealth continued speaking, telling her about Lexx, "His mother was a fighter pilot for the station." "How do you know this?" Chel tilted her head to the cat and inquired, watching more images going by and then there was a big gap in the pictures as Lexx's image jumped from that of a young boy to adolescence. His mother was absent and he was in a uniform of some sort. "Dice are recyclable up to three times. I have all the memories of my first two sets, plus I am Mittens, which is why I know you and always will. I'm also a Stealth Dice. I'm a spy. I listen. I pay attention. I learn."

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  1. Oh, fiction from the world before tablets! Tech was so much fun, despite the limitations. I had a PDA in 2001, screen resolution 160×160! XD Now tho’, tablets are cool and fun, but… they’re too common to be exciting. I got my 2001 iBook out again, with the lime green trim.

    I still miss Etch-a-Sketch sometimes. ^.^’ Oh… just thought it might be funny to rig one up with servos as a vector graphics device.

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