The cat turned back to the images, waving a white forepaw, “This is Lexx at about seventeen. It’s an AD Academy class,…” Halfway through her sentence, Lexx seemed to appear out of nowhere and slap his hand down on top of the viewer, turning it off. He stood there a moment, not looking at either Chel or Stealth.

Lexx picked up the book and strode across the room to one of the dressers, sliding the door open and throwing the viewer inside of it. Then, he turned and crossed the room to the doors in the back and closed them behind him.

“I like pushing buttons.” Stealth purred, obviously not bothered at all by Lexx’s actions.

Chel on the other hand, felt bad. “I don’t… He looks really angry…” She whispered to Stealth.

“Feh, he needs to get over himself.” The cat tilted her nose into the air and remarked dryly.