A few hours later, Chel was sitting in the gate room, Zeta sprawled out on her lap and still sniffling a bit. “Zeta really sorry …” He whined. “Was excited and wanted to help, Lexx.” Chel patted his head, amazed that he wasn’t’ cold and clammy, but warm and soft. She really felt sorry for him.

“It’s ok, I’m sure.” Chel consoled the dice.

Lexx sat on his couch, drinking deeply out of one of his mugs. He was anxious, but that feeling was going away after a little additive to the drink. He had to retain control and not be given to the exasperation that was creeping through his body and mind. There were times he felt as though he was going to explode and he’d come close to it on the planet. The dice were safe and okay, but he might lose two days because of their knock outs.

While his nanos worked to keep his body in check, they didn’t do anything for the anxiety, the choking sensation, racing heartbeat and loss of breath. The additives relaxed him, even though they didn’t last long as the nanos always cleaned them out of his system, but it’d last long enough for him to be able to deal with Chel. He knew she would come and say something and he would have to stop her. Lexx would have to dodge the questions. There were things that Chel didn’t need to know.

Then, she arrived. Lexx didn’t look up, but he could hear her walking. She stopped directly in front of him. “Don’t talk. You don’t understand.” Those were the first words out of his mouth. He didn’t want to talk at all. No questions. He didn’t want to deal with them.

Chel wasn’t to be stopped. Lexx hadn’t hurt her and she felt as though he wouldn’t. She wasn’t afraid of him, at all. She wasn’t going to let his posturing get in the way of her need to put things right in the world, or rather, around the world. “I’ve seen enough to know you’re cruel and heartless.”

Lexx didn’t look up, immediately responding, “You haven’t SEEN cruel and heartless, then.” Despite the additives, his chest started to ache. The accusation really cut through him, mainly because he couldn’t be specific.