Chel didn’t say anything to the final comment. Zeta brushed up against her leg. Lexx didn’t make it to the door. A loud beeping sound emitted from the walls, followed by the voice of ADIS: “Incoming Message.”

“Shira Lexx.” The voice that followed was NOT ADIS. It was distorted and followed by clicking sounds.

“What’s that?” Chel looked up at the ceiling, then at Lexx. He was standing in the doorway and from here, she could see he was visibly shaking.

“Now … what?” He murmured and turned, looking at the wall. Chel followed his gaze and realized that a projection of some sort had appeared, opened by the ship itself. It was transparent and flickered several times before stabilizing on the face of some alien looking creature, something far more alien than Lexx. It didn’t have eyes, but had a humanoid head. A golden diamond was centered on the head, just above a small mouth. Two nubs that Chel guessed were ears, protruded lower than they would on a human and it seemed to have a bony collar encircling the neck.

“Hello … Lexx … ready for our game?”