“Zeta, what’s going on?” Chel sat on the floor against the wall where she could see the viewer better. Zeta sat next to her, resting his chin on her knee. She had a bad feeling about this. Lexx had gone and he seemed very disturbed.

“Not know. Never see what Lexx do when get call like that. He take other dice, not Zeta.” Zeta stated all he knew, then added, “Lexx always come back hurt after call.”

Lexx stood in the field, facing his opponent. He was far more alien than Lexx was, with tentacles for hands and no real joints. The fact that this alien lacked eyes and had only a jewel embedded into the middle of what one might call a face was eerie, even to Lexx, but he had fought with this type before. They were fair. He wouldn’t cheat or try anything out of the ordinary. Lexx was confident he would win this battle, but began with the usual, “You know the rules. One on one and then you have to leave and cannot challenge me again, should I win.”

The alien moved sideways, nodding to Lexx and holding up his hand with his chosen dice in it. “Yes. I am always agreeable to those terms. I’ve heard you’re among the best, Lexx. You handle your dice well and that is why I came out of my way to seek you and challenge before you are unavailable and are retired from the game.”

He was polite. Lexx had to give him that. He’s just here to challenge, not anything else. That was good news to Lexx. He reached into his pocket and withdrew his hand. It was filled with multicolored six sided dice, ten of them. “Then let’s get this over with.” Lexx muttered, scattering the dice at his feet.

Lexx stood patiently. There was an allowed timeframe to do this in without it being considered cheating and the other alien was definitely taking his time. Then, the alien flicked the dice into the air. It glowed brilliantly and landed with a thud that almost shook Lexx off his feet, in the form of a massive living plow. The beast snorted, earth toned red and brown skin rippling loosely over muscle and bulk. Lexx couldn’t identify the species, but he knew if it managed to touch him, he’d be lucky to get out with less than a crushed ribcage.

The creature pawed at the ground with one forefoot, turning up the soil. It swung its head upwards, the tip of the massive curved horn reaching almost all the way back to its haunches and it bellowed. Above them, birds shrieked at the unearthly sound, taking quickly to the air in a flurry of wings and feathers. Lexx didn’t glance up, his attention on the creature.

“Begin.” The other alien intoned, waving his dice forward, toward Lexx.