Lexx left the bunkroom and was immediately assaulted by a questioning human.

“What was the call about, Lexx?” Chel looked up curiously.

“Nothing,” Lexx mumbled. He hadn’t come out here for idle conversation and quickly averted his eyes from looking at Chel. “As soon as it gets dark in the area where the spark dice is, we’ll go after it with Dash and Fly.  I have research to do until then. Do not bother me.” He went back to the bunkroom as quickly as he’d left it, moving in a jerky nervous fashion.

Chel stared at the door as it closed behind Lexx. She frowned and glared at it. Why wouldn’t he just tell her? “Whatever it was it’s really bothering Lexx.”

“You have no idea how easily bothered Lexx is, Chel.” Dash flexed his forepaws out in front of him, admiring the perfectly crescent shaped claws as they extended and embedded into the floor’s tiling. “He loves you.”

“Stop being silly.” Chel hrmpthed, turning her glare upon the unconcerned tiger.

“You think I’m joking, do you?” Dash chuckled, a deep throaty sound that rumbled through the air. “YOU think I’m joking,.. that is so amusing.”

“She won’t listen to you, Dash.” Stealth purred up next to the larger dice, rubbing her head against his chin. “Just like Lexx won’t listen to me.”

“You’re both crazy.” Chel scooted away and folded her arms over her chest in emphasis of her resisting the idea. “Lexx doesn’t love me. He thinks I’m annoying and besides, I’ve been here and known him for what, 8 days? Almost 9? We come from two different worlds.”

“What does that matter?” Dash jumped to his feet and bowled Chel over onto her back. He was too big and heavy to push off. She was pinned and slightly worried considering how dangerous this animal could possibly be. He shoved his muzzle into her face, ears flattened back and the fur along the back of his shoulders and head visibly rising. “Tell me, why is that? You are both human, he just looks different from you. You look surprised? Do you think that we are merely stupid animals? We have become more than what we were. We are intelligent, plus we have all of our animal instincts.”

Chel shivered as the tiger’s whiskers brushed her cheek with each word. He was clearly angry, or just being a cat. “N,no,”

“We can sense things before you can, pick up on many things that you would never notice.” Stealth sat next to Chel’s head, showing no concern for her mistress’s position. “It’s not that we’re being pushy Daaaaash.” She reached up with a paw to tap the tiger on the shoulder. “Get off of her, you’re very,.. fangy.”

Dash shook his head and nudged Chel’s chin with his nose, gently, before stepping aside. He knew full well he’d startled her. He could hear her heart racing and breathing quicken. “I,.. you know.” Chel slowly pushed herself up.

Stealth hissed slightly, “We don’t understand Humans or Rishan’s, Chel. We don’t understand the games that you play. We don’t understand, and we would like you to realize your own feelings, and not deny them.”

“Lexx may not have a lot of time in this world, Chel.” Dash sat up, tilting his head to one side sympathetically, “We are not asking much of you, but being around someone who’s been as constantly beaten up and torn apart has made every one of us, no matter how disagreeable we may seem with Lexx, feel sorry for him. Maybe we are still stupid animals in some way, happy with our simple pleasures. We fight, and we enjoy it,.. but Lexx, it is not in his nature to do what he has been forced into.”

“You may not realize it, but you make him happy.” Stealth stated further. “There are very few things which make Lexx actually happy and none of them as much as you have in only a few days. We really just want him to be happy, be his friend during this time. You’ve gotten further than anyone has in knowing Lexx, other than Riley and we are a little bit leery of him. While we don’t fear him, he is Trasik’s brother and he, is Lexx’s weakness.”

Chel stared at the two cats, unable to really process everything they were telling her. Wasn’t she already doing that? She wanted to help Lexx, but she couldn’t understand how he was happy with her around. She couldn’t see it.