Lightning arced across the dark sky, rippling in a brilliant display of chaotic beauty. A few seconds later, the thunder rolled through the air, riding on a fierce gale. Lexx walked across a dark clearing, annoyed at the knee-high grass that was making it difficult to move quickly.

He’d only been on the surface for a few minutes, but already he was feeling chilled. Looking up at the angry sky, Lexx sighed, “Wonderful. Hopefully the rain will hold itself until the battle is over.” His pants wouldn’t soak up the water if it did rain, but the thought of having to battle in a soggy shirt and on slick grass didn’t appeal to him. He just wanted this over with so he could relax. Right now, he felt like he had way too much energy and it was making him slightly lightheaded.

The sky lit up again in several places, no lightning to be seen. Lexx tilted his head upward, letting his hair whip around his face and taking a moment to enjoy the fresh air. He wished that Chel was down here with him to enjoy this,.. up until he heard the sound of another door.

Biste had arrived.

He was shorter than Trasik or Riley and stockier, but with similar features and the same blonde hair. Moving in disdain of the grass, he trudged forward, dice already in hand.

“I am ready, Biste.” Lexx turned his thoughts completely to the oncoming battle. He quickly scattered a handful of modifiers, letting his nanites register the changes.

“Are you now?” Biste grunted, glaring in Lexx’s direction. He apparently had no desire to be there and didn’t consider Lexx worth his time. “I must warn you, this shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is my best master dice. I’ve had her since the game began.”

“Just throw the dice and let’s get this over with!” Lexx glared at the Littan.

“I think you’ll like her.” Biste leered.

Lexx narrowed his eyes, staring intently at Biste and the dice in his hand he was waving about. It had 20 sides. It was a master. The thought creeped into Lexx’s mind that as usual tactics were in play. Biste was stalling to make him uncomfortable and it was working. Lexx took a step back. He’d better get some distance between them before he threw the dice.