The dice bounced off of Lexx’s head and onto the floor. Startled, Lexx jerked aside and tried to see what it was without touching it. There was a glow on the floor. It was the only time he’d seen his own dice and most likely the only time he would. His eyes widened as it shimmered in rays of orange, gold and white and then it struck him.

His skin tingled and he felt his hair standing on end, and then there was a searing sensation passing through his body as though energy was moving through him along his nerves. Later, he learned that’s exactly what happened and how dice acted upon their hosts. It had hurt more than anything he’d ever experienced. The bonding essentially rewrote his DNA on a somatic level, adding to it all of the information that was required.

He remembered falling off the table and almost greatful to be on the cold floor. For as much pain as he was going through, the floor felt good. Dimly, Lexx remembered crying out and clutching his sides so hard that he had cracked his ribs. Somewhere, a voice twittered, “Bad roll. The dice landed on level two. He won’t last long after training. Lock level.”

Locking the level. That didn’t really mean what he thought it did. Dice levels were locked on the regular gaming dice for Alien Dice when you wanted to train them without leveling them. Sometimes, this was a good thing, since it made them level stronger the longer they were held back. He had blacked out after that brief bought of clarity.