He awoke in a chair, arms and legs strapped down, along with a strap around his neck to hold him still. “Wh’what’s going on?! Where am I? How did I get here?!” Lexx struggled anyway, panicking.

“Relax, Lexx.” Clicking between each word, the Tarsulas came forward. “We’re almost done. Then you’ll be taken to the training fields.” The Tarsulas, a creature that didn’t resemble anything Lexx had ever seen moved around him. It was insectlike with numerous eyes and antennae. It’s appearance alone was enough to make Lexx shiver,… but what it held in one appendage was much more frightening. It was a syringe with a shimmering silvery red liquid. The only color that Lexx was aware of in the dream.
“What is that?” He inquired, knowing what the answer was.

“Nanites. Tiny carbon machines that will help you. You will need them.” The Tarsulas nodded to Lexx. Despite his appearance, he spoke in a comforting way and was attempting to calm Lexx, but while the tone might have worked, the words that went with it had the opposite affect.

“Help me?!” Lexx yelled setting his jaw hard and trying to move to the point that his muscles ached. “Nanites are used for gladiatorial beasts!!” He protested vocally, but the Tarsulas ignored him. Words couldn’t stop him, that’s why Lexx was strapped down.

“And to prevent suicide.” The Tarsulas nodded slowly and taking care sunk the needle into Lexx’s arm.

Lexx yelped, tensing his arm at the wrong moment. The needle struck into the muscle and a feeling like ice dripping through his veins spread quickly. The Tarsulas had attempted to make it as painless as possible.

“Why would I want to kill myself?” Lexx inhaled deeply and exhaled the words sharply. He had never had the desire before. Things were not that bad. He was just biding his time until he could get out and do things without being told. Why would he want to kill himself without tasting what life was really like?