Lexx’s words were wasted. “You have won this one, but another brother comes soon. This,.. is not over by any means.” Biste stepped backward and held his hand up to the fallen beast. The ring, hidden amidst mounds of flesh and fur sparked and in a glow of gold, the bulk reverted to the form of a dice and leapt into Biste’s hand. One more step back,.. and he vanished within the golden light of his door. He was returning to his ship, leaving Lexx standing in the field.

The moment the light faded, Lexx’s legs buckled and he fell to the grass. “That was too close,” He whispered. “Too close. I could have lost easily. I let myself be distracted. I am a fool a fool,.. but I’m still alive,” The nanites had closed off all of his wounds and had slowed their work on his body. He’d be hurting for awhile and after getting the wings in the first place, he was feeling drained. The battle had taken a lot out of him. He stared at the grass, clenching his fingers into the mud and fighting the urge to just lay down.