The night was excruciatingly long for Lexx.  He attempted to go over the list of upcoming dice, setting out the sequence of captures and studying the areas that they were located in.  It was important to get his basic set of dice all up to side 6 before he started on the random set.  Lexx was not sure what to expect with the old style master set.  This was the first time he would have to battle them and from what he had heard,… they were tough.  He would need all of his dice and he could not participate in their capture like he could in the others.

Normally, Lexx avoided taking part in catching his dice. There were players who had taken advantage of that clause in the rules to go out and capture their own dice without using their sets. The basics never got any practice and they never went up levels. They got lazy and soon, the player would discover that he couldn’t fight the higher level dice as easily and the constant fighting did not leave them in the best condition when someone came to challenge them.

Only one time this game had Lexx done the capturing. That was for Swim. He sighed and almost wished he could just go out on a dice catching spree and clear them all out on his own. He was stronger this time through. He could feel it. It was different than the last time he made this level. But the Rishan lacked the confidence to go for it.

Then, while studying a few terrain maps, Lexx’s mind wandered.  He missed her.  The dice seemed to miss her as well.  They were overly lethargic.  Epsy had devoured her dinner and then went for Zeta’s.  There had been a small scuffle and to Lexx’s surprise, Zeta backed away from Epsy’s threatening jaws.  That was unusual for Epsy.  She was rarely the aggressor.

Now they were all sleeping in the biosphere.

Lexx stared across the living area of the Rift.  The only sound was a low steady hum from the engines.  He paused in his study to reach for a cup of one of his steaming hot drinks.  The sedative mix he had added to it was not working as well as he thought it should.  He was worn and edgy, but didn’t want to sleep.  Maybe later he would see what Riley was doing or maybe Riley would touch his relay for a game or two.  That would pass time and was as close to sleeping as Lexx wanted to be.
It would be morning soon.