“You’d kinda stick out in the daylight.” Chel felt the need to point that fact out, wanting to know more while Lexx felt like being talkative. There was no telling when his mood would change.

“I know places on Earth humans don’t frequent.” It felt good to talk freely, to tell someone else something that he’d found. Lexx didn’t really care that she knew, who would she tell? “Places only accessible by my ship.”

“You’d stay there alone?”

“I like being alone.” Lexx stated matter of factly. It was fine by him to be alone. He’d spent so many years that way, even in a crowd of other aliens in the AD Academy, he’d been alone. There were few like him, few he’d taken interest in or had taken interest in him. “Nobody leaves.” He smiled.

“You’re very depressing, Lexx.” Chel couldn’t imagine being stranded on an island and not minding the absence of other people. It was eerie enough to be in a house when no one else was there. The silence was horrible. She then noticed that Lexx was doing something she hadn’t seen before. He was genuinely smiling as he looked up at the sky. “What was that for?”

“What? You’re very funny.” Lexx replied, knowing exactly what she was going to point out.

“YOU smiled!” Chel laughed.

“Did not… that was a smirk, just like this!” He was feeling odd, to a point that he was randomly saying things that he wouldn’t say normally. There was a little bit of fun in all of this and she wanted to cheer him up … and she had. “You know, Chel,… I really did have a good time. Thank you.”

Chel nodded, turning a corner and seeing the lights to her house in the distance. The porch light was on and she was grateful that her brother and sister weren’t at home right now. She didn’t want them to scare Lexx, or vice versa. That would not be good. How would she explain it to them? What would it be like if she had to explain any of this to anyone?

“You would be in trouble, wouldn’t you if you parents knew about me?” Out of the blue,… in more ways than one.

Chel blinked, a troubled feeling washing over her. “I don’t know…” She shrugged it off. “My dad would probably just be mad that I was hanging out with a guy without anyone around.” She laughed, a nervous somewhat high laugh.

Lexx bingo-ed, he’d found a point in Chel that SHE didn’t want to talk about. Turnabout was fair play. “And why is that?” He asked the innocent question.

Chel stopped walking. Why was that? What kind of question was that? Why was that? “It’s … uhm… improper for a young lady to be hanging out with young men, without parental supervision, at least, that’s what my dad says. I think that’s a very common thing among human fathers.” She stumbled over the words, not wanting to offend Lexx by pointing out the obvious that it didn’t really matter since he wasn’t human. He’d just proven that in his statement. Apparently, the Risha thought differently.

“Why?” Lexx scratched his head, not comprehending the entire statement. In the Academy, there had been a lot of unsupervised and alone males and females and… oh yes, now he remembered. That wasn’t something they liked either. “Never mind.” He muttered, furrowing his brow in what looked like to Chel, a bad memory. Idly, he dropped his hand to the left side of his neck, rubbing a jagged scar. “I know why,… my apologies, it’s been a long time since I’ve really, ehm… paid attention to what goes on behind closed ports. I would think that your father would understand that there wouldn’t be any sort of odd behavior going on, just judging by my appearance.”

They had reached the house. Chel unlocked the door and turned on the lights. Lexx was quick to take off his hat and stuff it into a pocket. It was annoying him. “Humans are strange, but I think that is a wise thing for them to be leery of, females are evil.”

“Yeah?” Chel locked the door and glanced over her shoulder, one eyebrow quirked up in question.

“Yes.” Lexx wasn’t aware that the look he was on the receiving end of required a very different response, “They want things, too many things. They’re selfish, don’t care who they hurt and I can’t stand them.”

Chel let it slide. It wasn’t like he was talking about her, just perhaps, Rishan females, which she knew nothing about. “I feel sorry for you then.”

Lexx shrugged, “Don’t be, I live much better without letting all of that romance garbage clutter my mind. I wouldn’t be a very effective dice player, nor have a chance of winning if my thoughts were constantly bogged down in thinking about this or that female. I’ve seen a lot of other players foul up that way… even saw a couple of dice get captured by a pretty face,… in more ways than one.” He ranted quickly, folding his coat over one arm and sighing in relief. It had been a little to warm outside.

“Like something to drink?” Chel walked past, not looking at Lexx. She didn’t want to go on with this conversation and hoped this would change it.


Chel returned with a glass of milk for Lexx, and a soda for herself. She recalled that he liked it and earlier, she’d gone out and picked up a gallon to take back to the ship for Stealth. Lexx accepted the glass and emptied it in one drink. He really did like the taste, it was so unusual. “What kind of program do your people use to create this? I wonder if I could replicate it.”

“It’s not a program.” Chel giggled. “It comes from a cow.”

“A cow?” Lexx looked quizzical, “What is a cow?”

“Oh, it’s a four legged animal that eats grass and goes, moooo.” Chel grinned at Lexx. He didn’t know what a cow was. “We milk them, that’s why it’s called milk. Very good.”

Lexx suddenly looked more green than blue, realizing something. “This … came from an animal?”

“Yes…” Chel replied uncertainly. Had she done something wrong.

“I … think I’m going to be sick…”