I don’t know my place in the grand scheme of things, but maybe I don’t have to know. Some people spend so much time trying to find who they are, they never enjoy the life that is all around them.

Riley pushed himself up, in a single handed handstand, counting to himself with each up and down motion. It wasn’t as much as for exercise as just to pass the time and clear his head. ‘516, 517,.. 518,’ He kept a mental count, enjoying the slight burn in his arm and shoulders. There really was nothing like pushing yourself past what you knew you could do. Focused in thought, he went over things that are best thought of while in a state of mental meditation. ‘I prefer to move with what life gives me and make it work for myself. 519, 520, 521,…’

‘I cannot control other people or events, but I can control myself, and some things within my realm,’ Riley’s thoughts drifted closer to reality.