“IF you want to put on something lighter, you might go change, Chel. It’s usually hot down on the beach.” Lexx went to the cabinets that served as a closet and pulled out his coat. “I’m only bringing my coat because it’s also very windy at times… and I need the pockets. “Stealth and Fly are going to need exercise as well as my new dice.”

Chel nodded, going back to the bedroom, carrying Stealth and Fly with her. She returned a few minutes later in blue jeans and a t-shirt. She’d been on enough trips to the beach to know she’d probably be more comfortable in this than shorts, especially since she didn’t plan on swimming and might want to sit down.

“Wow,… it is beautiful, Lexx.” Chel couldn’t believe her eyes as she stepped through the portal. She’d become as accustomed to stepping through it as through any door, although it still felt weird. Now, they were standing in soft sand, looking out over a beautiful rolling beach with patches of grass here and there, and a few palm trees, their fronds waving in a gentle breeze. She turned to look behind her at an expansive forest of exotic trees and could hear the echoing calls of birds and monkeys. What an amazing place. It was right out of a dream.

“Yes,… and it’s perfect for water training.” Lexx reached into his pocket and started walking toward the ocean. The waves were not that high, just a foot and lazily crashed against the sand. Lexx detoured toward a row of rocks with grass growing around them.

Zeta, Stealth and Fly cowered together, not following. Instead, they remained near Chel, “I hate water!” Stealth hissed.

“I fly! I do not swim!!” Fly cringed next to Zeta whom admitted lowly, “Zeta ‘fraid of big water!”