That wasn’t entirely true. Riley thought about it a moment after he’d said it, regretting his words.

Zaile, he’s not a bad Rishan. He is used to getting what he wants, which includes females. He won’t touch his own kind. The closest female even on the ship to a Rishan was Maelinn. She’d been a part of Zaile’s entourage since she was a young girl, but she was merely an escort to be looked at, but not touched. Their relationship was odd.

Maelinn was listed by the ADC as being half Rishan and half Littan, with a little bit of Kourwine in her blood. This was thought to have been impossible, but it had been done and she along with a number of others had been created. They were trying to create a new kind of sentient dice for the master dice program, but these attempts had all resulted in very fragile children. Most of the first set had not lived past childhood. It was considered a disaster and the ADC thought they would see if anyone would purchase the ‘leftovers’ so they could at least recoup their loss in creating them.

Zaile had not had the intention of ‘adopting’ any of them when he arrived to look them over. He had just been curious to see what a hybrid looked like in person and had walked among the handful of children. It was when his eyes had laid upon a small albino girl with skin whiter than anything he’d ever seen and large golden eyes, he’d had a moment of compassion. Zaile bought her papers and nursed her back to health with more care than Riley had seen him show to anyone. He really loved the little girl and treated her like a daughter.

Maelinn had survived and it was discovered that the reason for her illness was basic, the ADC had not dealt with children as small as babies and toddlers. Most of theirs were just under adolescent age. The babies were not touched or held beyond feeding and cleaning them. The staff didn’t know anything about raising Rishan, Littan, Sairah or Kourwine children, all of which needed contact. Zaile had felt it not in the best interest of future tries to inform the ADC of this fact.

Maelinn had grown up faster than a normal child would have, due to the drugs they had her on and these drugs had also affected her health, but now, while she was still delicate in build and features, she was healthy and suffered no side affections from the treatments. Good food and doctors had seen to that. Her skin was still white. The only pigment she had was from the Kourwine, which did allow her to change the color of her skin and the sheen of her hair, but she didn’t have as much control over it as they did. She had been trying to take on a less sickly color for a long time, but still hadn’t succeeded.

Her appearance was Rishan, down to the genetic tattoos on her body, but she had fangs like a Littan. Unfortunately, she was still vulnerable to the Littan’s ability to control.

Cinka on the other hand, She is nothing but a distraction. Zaile had told Riley this when he’d asked if she was really necessary. Zaile doesn’t want a family, even though he’s pretty much made himself one. Cinka’s his toy. She gets to spend crids; Zaile gets a warm bed.

Riley loathed that mentality. Crids do not buy commitment or loyalty. He could never agree to such a relationship. What security was there in it?

“Don’t touch me, Filth!” Riley pushed Cinka away and let go of her wrists. He took a step back and waved his hand at her, motioning to the door. “You revolt me! Get out of my sight.”

“Hrmpth,” That hurt look had returned to Cinka’s violet eyes. A momentary gleam of a real person, but it was quickly replaced with cruelty as she found the perfect words to come back with, “So tell me, Riley. What’s the difference between me and Maelinn?”